“People let me tell you ’bout my best friends…”

I didn’t have dogs growing up and my dad and I are horribly allergic to cats, so when I left home and had my apartment with hubby 1, I got my first little dog, Scooter.  He was a Shih-Tzu/Toy Poodle mix and completely untrained because I had no idea what I was doing!!  Pottie training him was a nightmare and he loved getting into things when he was a puppy.


One day, I left my spaghetti dinner on the table while I went into the other room to answer the phone.  When I got back, he was covered in noodles and red sauce and looked adorable!  It was hard not to laugh!  When I was pregnant with my son, Scooter always sat by me, and in the late stages, my son would kick, (hard!) and Scooter would look at me as if I were the one doing it to him!


After my baby was born, Scooter got up with me EVERY single time I had to feed my boy.  He would sit by the rocking chair and supervise me.  He wanted to make sure I was doing things right!  My son grew up with Scooter and they were pals.  He even won over my mom…the proverbial ‘dog hater’ and she cuddled him and kissed him whenever she could!  Scooter was my best friend for 13 years and I’ve never been without a dog since.

After Scooter, I had Squirty (a Toy Poodle) and 2 white German Shepherds (Tessie and Lizzie).  All of them were awesome dogs and each had such a distinct personality!  When hubby 2 and I divorced, I left Squirty (‘my’ dog) with hubby so he could be with Lizzie (‘his’ dog) who was like a mother to him.  It was really hard walking away from my 2 dogs but since hubby lived on acreage and Lizzie needed that, I understood it was the right thing to do.

So…my son and I picked out Dottie when we moved to our new home and she was a snarly, crabby dog that apparently no one else wanted from this breeder.  The breeder even charged me $50 less for her (that should have been a big sign…), and when I picked her up after her 8th week, she snapped and snarled at me all the way home!


Little Dottie is a Toy Poodle and is quite the diva.  I’m more knowledgeable about dogs now and she’s pretty well trained, but she has a way of getting much of what she wants!   She follows me around outside without a leash and I love having my little buddy with me while I mow and do yard work.


Little Dottie is the cutest most challenging dog I’ve ever had, and her personality is hilarious.  She literally ‘flirts’ with men, and if one is holding her, I’m suddenly invisible!  She’s 11 now and is slowing down, but her personality is still that of a playful yet sometimes crabby puppy, and I love her to death!

Last April, I decided I wanted another dog…so when Little Dottie goes to heaven someday (and yes, I truly believe with all my heart that pets go to heaven), I’ll have another furry friend I’m attached too.  It’s so hard to open your heart to another dog and I wanted that to be already done.  Soooo, I adopted Edward (he prefers to be called Eddie…unless he’s in trouble) who was supposed to be a Chihuahua/Small Dachshund mix.


His litter had been dumped and found by the rescue org and the rescue vet is who determined his breed.  I wanted another little dog since my house is a bit smallish and my yard isn’t huge.  The vet believed that Eddie would be about 10 pounds full grown and I bought all kinds of cute LITTLE stuff for him…a carrier, a small crate, a sling to wear him in, etc.

But, a funny thing happened.  Eddie started to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  And before I knew it, my little Chi-Weenie was actually a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Hound mix and he currently weighs 40 pounds!!  And I don’t care a bit!!  He is the most loving dog I’ve ever had…always by my side and will cuddle anytime I want!  Both of my dogs sleep with me and Dottie will be on top of the covers, while Eddie is under them next to my feet and legs.  How he breathes under there, I don’t know.  But that’s where he goes and it’s like I have my own little space heater now in bed!


Eddie is slowly getting trained…and Dottie is a big help.  At first, she HATED Eddie.  Truly.  (Remember, she’s a snarly little Diva) but things have gotten so much better.  They will lay by each other now, and sometimes, if he’s in her way, she’ll just walk right under him. It’s so cute to see!  Eddie was pottie trained within a month and it’s because of Dottie showing him what to do (she wants paid for that help…we’re still in negotiations).  He’s also learning to sit and stay on command, and is walking really well on a leash.  However, being a puppy…a LARGE puppy, he likes to chew and I’ve lost a few rugs and will have some repairs to do on my woodwork when he’s a bit more grown up.  But you know what?  I don’t care!  The love and affection he gives me, and the way he looks out for Dottie, is worth teeth marks and frayed rugs.  🙂


Before I had dogs, I never really understood the love people had for their furry friends.  And now I can’t believe how I ever lived without a dog.  They give so much to you…their hearts, loyalty, friendship, kindness, love, and do it in a completely unconditional way.   No matter what, they are thrilled to see you when you walk in the door and that greeting can make your day.  This summer, when I felt so lost and lonely, my dogs were there.  Both are intuitive and would just ‘know’ when I needed extra affection.  Eddie, being so big, will get on my lap, put his head on my shoulder, and will give me a hug.  Squeezing him back comforts me in a way nothing else can.  Little Dottie will cuddle me at night…snuggling as close as she can.  Then, if she thinks I’m upset, she’ll roll over on her back to show me what I need to do…rub and love on her.  And I do.  Because she’s in charge and she knows what’s best for me.

I believe pets are gifts from God.  I think he knew people would hurt us and be cruel at times, so he gave us pets to counter that.  I can tell my dogs anything, and they’ll keep my secrets.  I can lose my temper with them, and they’ll still want to be with me.  I can cry by them and they’ll comfort me with their presence.  I can be me.  And they accept that.  Unconditionally.  What other relationship can claim the same?


So, thank you Little Dot and Ed…you both have been what I needed these past months and I hope you both feel the love I have for you.  It’s unconditional too.  Dottie, your snarls are understandable…life can be tough.  But you can snarl around me anytime, and I’ll love you all the more for being so freaking spunky.  And Eddie, I don’t give a hoot if my woodwork isn’t perfect or my carpet has holes.  You are worth so much more than wood and fibers.  Truly.  But, the next time you decide to eat one of my earrings, could you please choose one that doesn’t have diamond chips in it?  That would be appreciated.

Prof K ❤

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